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Splendid aromatic plant that is the basil, which comes to give much freshness to our cooked dishes as well as some of the most exotic cocktails. In recent years we have seen the appearance in grocery stores of plants sold in pots that you can take home but, in addition to the asking price for only a few leaves, the problem is that these pots have a rather limited lifespan. Indeed the rate of fertilizer and the size of the pot limits the lifespan of this one, and this, whatever the watering which one will give it.

Here’s a great way to spread your basil plan so you’ll never run out of basil again with just one supermarket jar.

Step 1:
Plant en santé

First choose a plant that looks healthy at your local market

Step 2:
couper une bouture

Cut about 10 cm (4 inches) from a cutting that does not contain flowers, just below a node of leaves. You can take several cuttings of the same plant

Step 3:
couper les grandes feuilles

Cut the large leaves

Step 4:
insérer la bouture

Fill a small glass jar with water and place a cutting inside it, repeat with the other cuttings as well.

Step 5:
installler proche d'une fenêtre

Place your pots near the brightest window in your home, and change the water every day or two.

Step 6:
début racine

Cuttings should begin to create small roots after 7-10 days.

Step 7:
insérer à 2cm

The right time for transplanting is when your cuttings reach 5cm(2 inches) or more.

Step 8:
Multipliez votre plant de basilic de supermarché

Transplant your cuttings in pots (the largest, the best) containing a mixture of soil and compost for multiple uses. Place them near your window. You can also transplant them into your outdoor garden at this stage. Water frequently and you will always have, at low cost, basil at your fingertips.

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