How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

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The first time I heard about these nasty butterflies was through a friend who had this recurring problem for almost 3 years. 3 YEARS!!!! She literally threw away the contents of her pantry 3 times!…to finally overcome it.

No need to describe her look when, during a supper at home, she saw a specimen fly lightly between my flour and rice bags…

Well, yes. I have the habit to keep, as most of the people, my pasta, starchy, and other delicious foods in their original packaging. Although I had a clue as to where they came from during my last trip to the local oriental grocery store, where many bugs fully lived, you should know that they can also come from outside….

Anyway. I went in offensive mode. And here are the results of my research.


Step 1: First, know your enemy

From the charming name of Ephestia kuehniella , it also responds to mill moth , flour moth . Often confused with a simple moth, it sits comfortably in any home with food to offer.

Step 2: We throw everything away.

Really, everything. All soft bags, flours, boxes and bags of pasta or rice opened, dried fruit, cereals, sugar… They are voracious and can pierce packaging. Dispose of in an airtight bag.

Step 3: In the freezer

Of what remains, often very little, we freeze from 24 to 36 hours.

Step 4: The vacuum cleaner

We vacuum the entire pantry, taking care to vacuum the cracks and nooks. It is the preferred place to lay and proliferate.

Step 5: Bleach

With a clean cloth, we clean deep inside the pantry, each shelf, each corner…..

Step 6: Bay leaves

Put some bay leaves, particularly where larvae are visible. If you haven’t seen one, the problem is less invasive but still unresolved. Cloves can also be used.

Step 7: Problematic containers

Plastic jars, loose lid, soft bag…

Step 8:

Even if it screws, it’s not effective.

Step 9:

Even if it is in GLASS and that it is screwed, it is not effective….

The hungry larvae are able to pass each stripe and slide into the pot.

Step 10: Good containers
Step 11: Traps

At the end you can use pantry moth pheromone traps, they are very efficient  at getting males before they reach the females to breed


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