How to Repair a Washing Machine

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Here I show you how I repaired my General Electric top-loading washer. When I started a cycle, I noticed that the engine works because I hear it, the water flows inside the tank, the spinning works because the water is emptying, the problem is that during this cycle, it is the agitator in the center that does not want to turn. I only “give a bath” to my clothes…
After some research, I concluded that it was probably the agitator’s teeth that had done their time. When I undid the part, it was finally the teeth of the engine block that were “eaten”, so no grip to turn.
Here are the steps I took to change this room. It’s actually pretty simple.

Step 1: Unplug the unit.
Before you take anything apart.
Step 2: Remove agitator
Retirer l'agitateur

Remove the agitator by holding it from below and pulling very hard. To make it easier, I used a leather belt that I slipped under the agitator. You could put a pillow or a pillow on the cap of the agitator, not to take it in the teeth… 😀

Step 3: Speaking of teeth...

That’s when I noticed, as in the photo, that the agitator’s teeth are still good. If it is the part to change, it is about twenty dollars a part, depending on your supplier and the brand.

Step 4: The engine block
bloc de plastique

What is under the agitator is a plastic piece that covers the engine block. In my case, it was the part that was defective.

Step 5: Remove the block
Avec des pinces, j’ai dévissé et retiré la pièce de plastique. Chez le fournisseur, c’était 30$ la pièce. Il n’y a qu’à refaire le chemin inverse pour réinstaller le tout, c’est plutôt facile à remettre.
Step 6: Other problems

I have seen that among the recurring problems of washing machines, there is often the problem where the machine does not empty. Without being an expert, I would advise checking the filter. According to what I read, if your machine is new, it will be easily accessible from the front bottom, otherwise it will be further back.

Step 7: Front Load Washing Machine

For fronts that do not empty, the front door circuit that controls spinning should also be checked. In short, if you can open the door when the spinning fails, the switch would be defective.

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