7 unusual ways to refresh yourself

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The heat wave is getting more and more frequent, and I don’t know about you, but I have the impression that it gets worse every year!

Well, maybe I’m the one who can’t stand it… 😉

Forget the obvious things like “invest in an air conditioning system” or “go waste your time at the mall”, here is a list of easy and affordable tips that we don’t always think about!

Step 1: La clim de secours

Point a fan at a bowl filled with ice cubes. The air pushed inside the bowl will come into contact with the ice and come out cooled. A few frozen water bottles will do just as well, in addition to being reusable. An efficient way to cool a room in the house. Image: Pinterest

Step 2: The mentholated shower

You know peppermint oil? If you massage a part of the skin with this essential oil, you will immediately notice its refreshing power! Add a few drops to your liquid body soap and you’re sure to come out of the shower refreshed!

Step 3: The swimsuit technique

Put your sweater or camisole under cold water, wring out, and put on for a guaranteed pool effect! For a less drastic effect, wet only the sleeves. With a breeze, it’ll be perfect!

Step 4: The strategic points

Neck, forehead, wrists and feet are strategic points from which heat emanates, but can also be used to lower body temperature. Applying cold compresses to your neck, dipping your feet in an ice bath or, if this is not possible, simply wetting your ears will temper your body. Image: qsl

Step 5: The sportsman... in the living

Use wristbands like tennis players that you have previously put in the freezer or under very cold water. Elastic bandages can also be used. As blood travels through the body in less than a minute, here is another effective technique to fight heat stroke.

Step 6: The freezer before bedtime

Use a compression bag to bury sheets and pillows, place in the freezer 1 hour before going to bed. You will have a fresh bed to sleep better. A large beach towel can do very well too!

Step 7: Not to mention our animals!

Caress your pet with a wet washcloth to give him a little respite from the scorching heat. Note, cats like the idea a little less… ) Otherwise you can also prepare him a popsicle made of water, beef broth and treats. A refreshing treat! Image: Instructable


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