14 tips to hide alcohol

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It’s hot this summer, at least in some parks in Montreal, with the distribution of salty tickets for happy city dwellers who like to sip their rosé with their feet on the grass.
Although the impact was felt in the social media, these measures, which kicked off the summer period, seem to have been temporary and, above all, dissuasive.

Nevertheless, Montruc has thought of concocting a top 14 best (or strange) ways to hide your precious drinks for your next picnic.

Step 1: The smoothie

At the beginning of the day, we start smooth…ie! Try a strawberry-pineapple-rum or mango-framboise-vodka Daiquiri! In addition, you can make a spout for your Masson pot in 2 minutes.

Step 2: The bottle of ginger ale

A green bottle, a content similar to beer, as long as you enjoy a rather clear “ale”, it is appropriate!

Step 3: Nalgene

Ideal for any pre-mixed cocktail, even a whole bottle of white or rosé wine will be very comfortable. Washable, reusable and incognito, we love!

Step 4: Fast food glass

Put some ice cubes in it to keep your beer cold.

Step 5: The bottle of olive oil

Well rinsed, 750ml or 1l containers are perfect for a bottle of wine. A little sip between two bites of salad?

Step 6: Vitamin water bottles

Practical for cocktails, no need to camouflage the colour, just match it to the packaging: Screwdriver, Long Island Iced Tea, Punch Planteur…

Light red wines, such as Pinot noirs and Beaujolais can also hide there!

Step 7: In the same vein...
Step 8: Breadstick

French friends: in a loaf, you can probably insert a bottle of Ricard…?

Step 9: The can in disguise

A classic among classics! For its versatility, its bluffing appearance, and its satisfying DIY side.

Step 10: Melon Jell-O

On connaît les Jell-O shots, et on connaît le melon gorgé de vodka. On peut maintenant majestueusement combiner les deux, ou comment se faire de nouveaux amis plus rapidement qu’avec un bébé chien.

Step 11: All kinds of unimaginable flan

Flask twins, flask ties, flask shampoo, flask sunscreen, flask pads… If you have money to spend, someone has patented something to buy.

Step 12: Speaking of spending...

As for tasting temperature, we suggest here a bourbon or a deep red wine. No beer…

Step 13: Version for her

Well, girls, if you really want one, remember to book this very chic(!) thing for festivals where high and carelessness are the order of the day, not for the family picnic with the in-laws…

Step 14: Beerito !

Our favorite: The Beerito!!
Okay, okay, the name probably contributes a little bit…

Step 15:


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